Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dreaming of Spring Sprung!

Here are the latest little quilts I whipped up this morning. I spent the weekend working with brown fabric to create the process photos for my Chocolate chapter. It kept reminding me of the bare earth outside and my desire to see green shoots popping up. I had add a few of my own to the rich dirt fabric. I started with the simple little green shoot on the top, but couldn't stop there. I of course wanted more and more color. Most likely these little quilt will travel off to Art-O-Mat some time in the near future. There are exciting happening over there and I'm looking forward to seeing where my work travels.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Cuff Photo Shoot

After the weekend photo shoot for Twelve by Twelve, I decided it was time to try to get some good photos of what I have been creating. I bought some black velvet for a backdrop and pulled out the tripod. It is amazing what a good set up can do! I don't have any special lighting, so I am still relying on natural daylight. This creates rather dramatic lighting coming through the window. My biggest challenge was getting the right exposure with the black velvet. The camera automatically wanted to over expose everything to make up for the dark background. All detail was lost in the strong contrast. I found that I had to make sure the light was very diffused and crank the exposure way down. With such long exposure times, I never could have done it without the tripod. I did find that I had to wait for the washing machine to finish the spin cycle because even that was causing some vibration that ruined the crispness. All in all, I'm happy with how the photos turned out. Next, I will have to work on staging, but for now I will just stick with the black velvet.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photo Shoot Day

Photos for the book are done! I wish that I could share the fruits of my long day, but they are top secret until our Twelve by Twelve book is published next spring. Instead I thought I would share my wonderful husband who spent our morning without children help me clean the living and dining rooms so everything would be camera ready. He even washed the windows inside and out. He truly is the most amazing man and I love him with all my heart. I also have my confession photo below. All the things that I didn't know what to do with got put in a spinach box from Costco. I also have a stack of papers that need a place in the file cabinet, but for now live precariously on shelf. During the photo shoot, I just moved them back and forth so it was out of the pictures. Now that I'm finishing some of my big to dos I should be able to put all of it away in a more appropriate place.

This week's to do are just to finalize my chapter and write some short statements about each of the quilts. I can't tell you how good it feels to be almost done! Next week at this time, I should be letting out a big sigh of relief!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Indie Banditas

Come down and check out the new Indie Banditas Shoppe. I'll be hanging out tonight from 6-8pm for the Bainbridge Island First Friday Art Walk. Kate has done an awesome job of filling the store with treasures from Puget Sound Artists. I'm so excited that I received the honor of being her first sale! There will be live music and treats, so make sure to stop by if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Bainbridge.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Once again, its time for the Twelve by Twelve reveal. This theme is based on the colors Blue and White with a touch of black. I has a wonderful time playing with the soothing colors. I even managed to create three quilts, even it I still need to do the binding on two. Plus I'm using the same fabrics to create a wall hanging with wire and plus sized inchies. Make sure to hop over to Twelve by Twelve and check out all the wonderful quilts. I created my quilt using a simple disappearing nine patch technique. The results reminds me of a pixelated computer screen trying to reboot. Very fun and wild!