Wednesday, September 21, 2011

State of the Studio

A pretty sorry state!  Now this would be part of  the reason I have created very little this summer and blogged even less.  As you search through the layers you can find evidence of the Spicy, Gray and Orange Twelve by Twelve challenges.  The boxes in the middle of the room and sitting on the table are from the Bainbridge Artist Studio Tour in August. And the latest layers are finds from my late Grandma's house as we are cleaning it out.  I admit it, I haven't cleaned in months unless you count moving the boxes around to find something at the bottom of the pile.  The kids are now back in school and I have had a couple of weeks to get the rest of the house in order.  I think it is now time to attack the studio.  I really would like to get back in there to work.  I miss my art! But if I don't come back out -- SEND HELP!