Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mounted Mini Quilts added to My Etsy Shop

I actually had time yesterday to add a few things to my Etsy shop. The kids played nicely and hid out in their room. Occaisionally they will do this in an attempt to get out of schoolwork. I had things I wanted to get done so I let them get away with it. The sun also came out so I could take some pictures outside. Photography seems to be a problem in the winter. Usually it is raining or just to cold to hang out outside. The other is that the light has a very blue cast. The sun is so low in the sky. I don't know if there is a setting on my camera that will correct for it or if I need to learn how to use some type of computer program. Just imagine that the paper is a creamy white and adjust the colors of the quilts accordingly.
Roayl Dreams
Swept Away
The Key
Unto Thee
Vibrant Dreams
Red Hot Dreams
My Heart
Hidden Dreams
Growing Dreams

Monday, November 24, 2008

Off to the Art-O-Mat

This weekend I finished preparing another batch of works to send off to Art-O-Mat. I love the sight of all the boxes lined up and filled with little works of art. Each a small treasure. I had fun making each of these 2" x 3" mini quilts from my rainbow scraps. I then gave my husband the honor of naming them. I love the fresh take he gives them. We joked that he is "Adam" so naming is an appropriate job for him. Let me know what you think.
Bed in the Grass

Sharks in the Garden

Off Kilter

Red Mountain

Sharks at Sunset

Breaking Forth

Sunset Looking West

Skyscraper at Sunset


Lawn with Lawnchair


Mountain Majesty

Darkness Encroaching

Hot Daze

City Sunset

In the Shadow of Greatness

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Lot of Reading to Do!

Okay, I'm not going to be able to use all these bookmarks myself, but I just love the colors and textures of the fabrics, papers, yarns and ribbons. I can't help but touch and fondle them. I can capture a touch of the rainbow each time I pick them up. A little touch of peace and joy among the chaos of life.
How I wish I could just focus on that and block everything else out for a few minutes. I am so easily distracted by all the noise, rarely can I finish a thought in my head. I can't think straight with talking or music in the background or even a little person staring at me watching what I'm doing. I'm always listening for the urgent that I can't focus on the important. Tis the life of a mom I guess. Do you have the same problems or are you able to keep all the little distractions from taking over? Any tips to achieving a one track mind?

My First Craft Fair

I did my first craft fair last weekend. I needed something positive to focus on and my friend Mandy convinced me to join her at a fundraiser for the local Pregnancy Resources Center. The vendor fee went directly to a good cause so I didn't really have anything to loose. For a week and a half I was busy making Tea Gift Boxes, Mini Treasure Box Ornaments, Inchie Ornaments, Cards and Bookmarks. I also brought some framed pieces and mounted mini quilts. Everyone was impressed with the work. Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of customers come through so sales were a little slow. I did enjoy the day hanging out with friends and came home with a few extra dollars in my pocket. Now I have decorations for my Christmas tree and Christmas cards to send out. And if I manage to get organized, I'll get a few more things up on my Etsy site.
P.S. Forgive my spotty posting -- my kids are now doing a computer based homeschool curriculum and have discovered the internet so I have to fight for my computer time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Home (?) from Art Fiber Fest

I really wish last week and all the house stuff hadn't have happened so I could still be basking in all the fun and wonderful things I learned at Art Fiber Fest. I had such an amazing time. The people were wonderful. I was immediately welcomed by everyone who had been coming for years, including Gail, Betsey, Laura, Debbie, and Carol, and we were quickly old friends. We stayed up late (okay, late for a sleep deprived mother of four) talking and working on projects in the dorms with all the girls. We were often joined by Darlene, Pamela, Teri, Gwyn, Alma, and Lori . I was also befriended by Jodie and her stepmom Susan. They had travelled from Arizona and Hawaii. Everyone was so accepting and encouraging.
The first day of classes I took Lisa Engelbecht's Book of Intentions. We worked on creating an ABC book based on our dreams, goals, and hopes. I have to admitt that I didn't get very far. I got hung up on the lettering and wasn't happy with anything I did. I enjoyed painting the backgrounds but that was about it. I did at least learn that I don't find my handwriting on fabric particularly beautiful. I'm sure practice would help, but I don't think that is a direction I really want to focus upon. It also didn't help that I didn't get any sleep the night before. The beds were awful and my back hurt from the springs. There was also a light right outside my window and I could hear everything someone flushed the toilet. I finally gave up sleeping around 6am, showered and went for a walk. The next three nights I folded up an extra blanket and used it to fill in the dip in the bed and cusion the springs. After that I slept I was able to sleep at least a little.
The next day I learned Nuno felting from Mary Stanley. I love my scarves that I made. We felted wool fiber onto silk chiffon scarves Mary had dyed for us. For the first I accidently got an extra long scarf that had sneaked into the pile. I am so happy that I did because the length was perfect. I felted some vibrant mohair locks I brought from home and some whispy merino wool in cool blues and purples. On the second scarf I took a more aggressive approach. I added two thicker layers of wool and also tucked some metallic yarns under the wool. I then felted the back side with swirls and angellina fiber. The scarf ended up much shorter from all the felting. It makes a great accent piece.
The last day I took Tracy Lampe's Funky Chunky Yarn Lumps. We learned to spin thick, chunky yarn on a drop spindle. I absoluelty loved it. I love to just touch and play with fibers. I got to do that and make something wonderful at the same time. Plus, I have very dry skin and working with the wool was magic. All that lanonlin left my hands feeling beautiful. The dark red yarn was my first batch. We used natural colored roving and then dyed it with Kool-Aide. This is a combination of Grape, Strawberry and Lemon. The red was definetly the strongest color. I then made three more "lumps" from fibers Tracy had previously dyed. I came home with a garbage bag of fibers and ready for a spinning wheel.