Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Halloween Birthday

My daughter's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks.  I'm actually leaving the morning after her big day for the International Quilt Festival in Houston so we are doing her birthday party the weekend before. She decided to go with a Halloween theme.  I am using a print of my "Beware" art quilt for her invitations. I just love the copper wire broom.  I don't know if it will be evident in the prints so I will have to have the original on display. The party is also suppose to include a Haunted House--that one I am going to have to put Dad in charge of.  He always comes up with the creepy, gross stuff.  And I haven't even started thinking about costumes.  How does one mom get so far behind?  Maybe I will have to convince them all to be something made out of cardboard and I can put Dad in charge of that too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hand Work To Go

Lately I haven't had any studio time.  It is go-go-go around here with all the activities.  What little time I've had at home, I've spent prepping work to go.  Above is all the bead work that I did on my daughter's birthday present.  She loves to draw, so I made her a journal I keep some of her precious sketches.  I'm still debating between the bottom two.  She loves pink and purple, but I really like the splashes of green.  I have two weeks to decide, so I wont worry about it for now.  I did learn the hard way to make sure the bead container is closed tightly. Whoops. At least it was in the storage area in the door of the car when it opened so the mess was contained.  I think I still have a few spare beads rolling around in there--just in case I need some when I'm out and about.

This morning I'm making a bunch of fabric beads.  I'll then have all the little scrolls to tie with ribbon and yarn waiting in the car for when I have a few spare minutes.  At least I shouldn't have to worry too much about them scattering everywhere. 

I actually have a day at home today.  I really need to do a lot of free motion quilting.  I ran my first ever half marathon on Sunday and hopefully my leg wont hurt too bad to push the foot pedal. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Unearthed

The studio is officially clean, well at least it was when I took the pictures.  I now have space to work and a lot of projects to work on.  I even managed to find a couple projects that I started last winter and literally haven't seen the light of day since. 

One project was based on my Pizza Planet quilt from the Eggplant Twelve by Twelve challenge.  All those squares are suppose to be sewn together and then fabric paper circles appliqued.  I might have time to work on it after Christmas, but something tells me that it might be another year before that one gets done. 

The other was a bubbly circle quilt with the colors I used for the Chartreuse challenge.  That one has a little more chance of being finished since it is simpler.  I think a few of the fabric paper circles were stolen though when I was working on our Orange theme.