Friday, January 18, 2013

The Öl Glasögon Gang

The Öl Glasögon Gang

The Snapsglas Brothers
Öl Glasögon
Vin Glasögon

Mjölk Glasögon 
Cousin Te

Aunt Zin

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ol Glasogon Brewing Company Mascot

The holidays are over and life is finally returning to some semblance of a normal routine.  I didn't do any work for the winter craft shows during the rest of the year, so beginning in November I was a little crazy trying to get everything ready.  After the craft shows came the crazy party season of 12 events in 22 days.  This year I'm determined pace myself throughout the year and not let the January burnout set in.  I want to be able to accomplish all my goals and enjoy the celebrations and down time with family and friends.

My first creation of the year began with a birthday card for a good friend's 40th birthday.  The party was beer themed, complete with a tasting competition and plenty of home brew.  I made a simple mini mixed media art quilt with a beer glass and the number 40 on it (which of course I forgot to take a picture of before heading to the party).  The number was made from two green circular charms.  They happened to look like either boobs or eyes.  I decided to go with eyes and the beer goggles theme. I added copper colored frames and wire arms.  The card inspired the name of Beer Goggles Brewery for my husband's home brew.  We made custom labels and headed off to the party.

Loving the name, the next day I checked the Internet for other Beer Goggles Breweries.  Turns out there's already a couple in the US and Australia.  Adam dreams of one day opening a real brewery and brew pub, so we figured we better come up with a different name.  I didn't want to give up the logo so the new name needed to fit with my beer goggles art quilt.  After much thought and brewing a new beer, Adam thought to try "beer goggles" in Swedish.  He is part Swedish and always teases me about my Norwegian heritage.  A little research and Ol Glasogon Brewing Company was born.  The first two o's should have two dots above them, but I have yet to figure out how to add those.   Technically, it means beer glasses.  Either way it fits with my art quilt.

The little art quilt has so much personality I just had to create a 3D version.  Mr. Ol Glasogon is made from quilted fabric, copper wire glasses, fabric paper eyes and a nice wool foamy head of hair.  I am now have a great time over on Facebook at our Ol Glasogon Brewing Company page sharing pictures of his crazy adventures.  Make sure to hop over and like the page to follow along.  Next on the agenda is the rest of the family.  There is Vin, his wife, and all the children.  My kids are already thinking about what type of glasses they would like to be named after.