Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Made One

The idea for this little quilt came while sitting in church last Sunday. The sermon was about Ephesians 3 and God making the Jews and Gentiles one in Christ. My thought was to combine fabric and paper into one creation. I used a piece of copper as the center and sewed the whole thing with copper thread. The binding is copper tape meant for use in stained glass. I placed the quilt on a painted canvas and added the bouquet of coiled wire for fun. I love the contrast in texture between the fabric, paper and metal. Just like people, their differences seem so great, but they are beautiful when combined. Our differences in texture add interest and wonder. Isn't life beautiful, if we focus on the good?

1 comment:

Susan said...

I love your idea. The result is as perfect as your thought process. Plus, the colors are wonderful. Copper is one of my favorite metals/colors too. In fact, almost everything I create tend to have a bit of purple and a bit of copper or rust in it! Great job.