Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cyber Fyber Coming Soon

Three pieces I created this fall from my rainbow of fabric paper and quilted fabrics are off to South Carolina for Cyber Fyber. I still can't believe I'm an invited artist in an exhibition. I wish that I could travel to Columbia for the openning in January, but alas, mom can't get away this time. Cyber Fyber will be a wonderful way to start a new year and I hope it will only be the beginning of a very positive year.
"Interaction" 16" x 23"
"Multifariam" 16" x 23"
"Transcendentalism" 16" x 23"
Once again my husband helped me with the naming. I have to say, he is a lot better at it than I am. I would have come up with something related to the rainbow. Instead, he gave the pieces thoughtful meaning that adds to the "Art" of the pieces beyond just the visual. It brings me such joy that we can work together and he is so supportive. I am truely blessed.


Barb said...

Your colors and color combinations are always so beautiful and exciting. You just do such inspiring work. These are *gorgeous*!

Juanita said...

What a wonderful way to start the new year! Best of luck. It's hard for mom's to get away, but I'm so glad that I got to meet you at AFF! And, yes, supportive husbands are a BLESSING! Beautiful work you do, and I'm so happy to have a tiny treasure of it myself! Bet of luck on the exhibit.

Genie said...

Congratulations on Cyber Fyber
Happy Xmas

Kristin L said...

Congratulations! It should be a wonderful show given the list of invited artists. :-)