Monday, February 2, 2009

The Big Chair Reveal

Pop on over to our Twelve by Twelve blog and check out all the results of our latest challenge, "Chairs." Mine is titled "Mom's Hideout." This is my first attempt at using hand stitching. I enjoyed the process for the most part, but it took my much longer than I expected.


Clevelandgirlie said...

HI Nikki! So nice to hear from you I LOVE your chair. All the different directions of stitches and the RUG. You are right though, I am learning - stitching does take a long time. Hence I guess the term "slow" cloth with regard to hand stitched quilts. It is satisfying though, isn't it. And I love the aspect of coloring my own "cloth" upon which to stitch. And the colors - ahhh the colors of perle, and silk, and rayon and metallic threads. I see you reference your chair as "first attempt" I do hope it is NOT your last!

Anonymous said...
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