Thursday, October 4, 2012

Morning Warm Up

Today I actually have four and a half hours at home to be artistic--no cleaning, laundry or grocery shopping today.  I decided I would warm up this morning by creating some fun art quilt ATC kits.  I get to play with my stash of stuff -- quilted and painted fabric, painted paper, dyed wool and silk fiber, hand spun yarn, ribbon, beads, buttons, fabric beads, wire, and the list goes on.  My biggest problem when creating these kits is editing.  Not everything can fit in a little box.  There definitely is more than someone could put on both the quilted and the painted paper bases.  But I can't resist.  What if you need exactly this extra little something?

This is actually the same process I often take when creating a quilt, especially one with a particular color scheme.  I will just start pulling out everything in those colors.  It makes a bit of mess, but it sure is fun.  Plus I get to touch everything.  Why create art if you can't get your hands in there. And I just love taking color and seeing where it will lead me. 

I do have to try to finish them before the kids get home.  They love to touch everything too.  I love them dearly and want them to have the opportunity to be creative but not when I am trying keep everything semi organized.  And of course everything is on the dining room table and the first thing they do is grab food and sit down.  I don't think you want your kits a little sticky or perhaps with some crumbs for when you get hungry.

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