Friday, October 12, 2007

Where Are the Kids on Bikes?

A few more of my mini quilts. Next I'm going to try working a little larger. I painted some fabric last night and this morning. Maybe this afternoon or weekend I will get a chance to set up the sewing machine and get to work. To get this far I had to pull out a science video. "Okay kids. I know this is rough, but we get to watch TV for school this morning. Don't worry there will be plenty of reading and writing later." Off to work.
End of a Good Book
Wet Stockings

Hop, Skip and Jump


A Night Out


Winter Kiss


Fish Ladder



Desert Sun



Anna said...

These are truly beautiful = are they really 2 x 3 " big? SUch skill!

Anonymous said...

Girl - You be artin'! Don't know bout some wanna be stuff but I DO KNOW you be artin'.... and holdin' out on ya girl peeps.
You be some kinda thread diva.

That's my late Sunday Spanglish for ya...
What a delight! Your work is slightly beautiful. 2" x 3" - Wha! That's REALLY tiny Nikki!

OK I was thinkin' your work was incredible but now I'm pondering the headache that a 2" x 3" piece would give me... and my Coke bottle-bottom bifocals.

Miss you.... And your goat milk Mint Chocolate Chip & stories of shutting down the Disney pool & closing down the martini bar with the ladies.

Therese May said...

Hi, Nikki,

I love the idea of working very small and I love seeing all of your very small art quilts. They are yummy! Best to you!

Susan said...

Prolific! Prolific! Prolific!

You are an inspiration...and the quality of your photographs lets me "spy" on the edges...a SCARY thing for of the main reasons why I've never really made/traded/tried a postcard or an ATC. You give me hope in your on-line "lessons"...see, you really were teaching someone...ME!