Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Cindy and Erika

Happy Birthday last week to my friend Cindy and sister-in-law Erika. I couldn't post pictures of their gifts until I had the opportunity to deliver them. I'm still suffering from a nagging cold so I had the send Cindy's gift with another friend to the hospital where she is waiting with her daughter Maddie for a heart transplant. Last night we had our family birthday party for all the December birthdays (Erika, my husband and me). Now I am free to show off my creation.
I made a Sunflower for both Cindy and Erika. I figured they could use a little sunshine on these cold, wet winter days in the Pacific Northwest.


clevelandgirlie said...

Oh Wow Nikki - you've been visiting my blog so you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunflowers. This is sooooo pretty. Can you e-mail me and tell me how it's made (what materials you used) as it really is gorgeous!!!

Dianne said...

Love the sunflower piece Nikki - it's gorgeous!

Susan said...

We celebrated Christmas at midnight because Steve had to drive Mathias to the airport in Charlotte this morning. This has provided me with a bit of time to write a few holiday greeting to various bloggers who have inspired me over the past year. You are definitely one of them. I sincerely thank you for sharing and for your most generous inches and gifts. I love forward to the coming year, another adventure in stitching, creativity, and support comments....but, today, most of all, I am with you and the Lesters in prayer.

clevelandgirlie said...

Where you been girl??? I came back to see what you've been up to - but alas, no Nikki! Hope everythings ok - Happy New Year to you.