Monday, December 17, 2007

Gift Boxes for a Friend

No, I haven't vanished. I have been suffering from a cold for the last three weeks. What energy I have, I have dedicated to creating. So many ideas for Christmas and so little time.
I created this tower of gift boxes for my dear friends the Lesters. Thier 3 year old daughter, Madeline, has spent the last five months in the ICU at Children's Hospital in Seattle recovering from heart surgury. She recently developed a rare complication from the surgury and now is waiting for a new heart. Maddie's parents, Cindy and Dave have exhibited such faith through this whole experience. They truly are an inspiration. I wanted to do something to show them how much they are loved, so I made 45 gift boxes filled with either chocolates or tea that they can give to the nurses, doctors and people who have supported them at the hospital. I figured they would like to give some type of thank you gift to everybody this Christmas, but wouldn't have the opportunity to get anything together themselves.
Each stitch in these boxes are full of love and prayers for Maddie. May God grant us the Miracle we all so anxiously await.


Vicki W said...

What a beautiful and most thoughtful gift! They make a lovely display all stacked together too.

Barb said...

What an amazingly thoughtful gift! It's wonderful when someone looks at your situation in life and says, "What can I do for you?" In this case, "For you to give them?" That's an incredible thing to do for someone.

Susan said...

I cannot begin to put into words an appropriate response...just know, I'm among the many praying daily for Maddie and also one inspired by her parents' faith.

Your Christmas tree is magnificent. Our tree stands proudly in our living room all year long. I commissioned it from a forge in North feet of wrought iron branches. Thus, I'm always ready for Christmas. Also, we don't go much for loads of presents. We prefer to travel and, truthfully, we have everything we really want and need.

Therefore, if things go according to plan, our "big" Christmas idea is to have a family outing to the American Red Cross...donating in Maddie's name. (Mathias arrives from Birmingham, England late tomorrow night.) Currently, Alex is questionable for this plan. He is seventeen...the legal minimum age...but he's now scared of the fat needles. I've donated for years and he's seen these needles often.

What's more, he's been sick and is currently taking an antibiotic. Funny, he's only been in the hospital in order to be born and has never had a "ill" visit to the pediatrician. He only went for "well" visits after birth, for required inoculations, to be stitched up twice, and for three physicals in order to attend summer camps! Yet, he got a bad cold...coughing, feverish, with general aches and, he might not be able to donate blood...but we're all kidding him about being a "chicken". Thus, if he's off the antibiotics, I don't see a way he'll get out of this!

Mathias use to be deathly afraid of needles but he got over it with an emergency appendectomy two years ago. I'll likely post pictures with this plan occurs...just know, we are all thinking and praying for all the Lesters.

Anonymous said...

Truly we are blessed with such faithful friends! God is so good - all the time. Nikki, you are brilliant and I am honored to call you friend. Love you! ~Cindy

Angelcat said...

what a thoughtful and priceless gift you have given your friends.