Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stuck in a Clean House

The challenges of living in a House for Sale! I'm not used to having to keep my house clean all the time. Somehow I didn't get the cleaning genes from my mom. My only way of keeping things clean is get nothing out! The only problem is that I'm getting tired of not really "living" in my house. I miss my art. Currently I have been making lots of little yo-yos with my hand painted fabric. I don't really know why, other than I can keep all the supplies in a ziplock bag. I am so out of practice, I guess they are an easy way to try to get back into the groove. I so want to be able to just jump back in and recapture the joy. Ultimately, it comes down to being a little afraid. I've placed expectations and goals upon myself and my perfectionism is coming up against my fear of failure. I know, get over it and get to work. I know, I know. At least I'm putting my toes in again!


Cheryl said...

I had the same problem when I sold my house last year. I had to work on super small projects, and put away everything when done. I did keep my sewing machine out and had a small sign that said "Quilter at wok, please excuse the mess". It's now on the door of my new studio. It gets easier, and the cleaning skills transfer to the new house too!

Doreen K. said...

Well, they are pretty little yoyo's.
You will have to design a new piece art to use them on.

Laume said...

I could never understand having a house that looked like a showcase - people are busy living in it, that's what it's for. But when it's for sale, that's another thing altogether. I once was pregnant, single mom (hubby was working out of town) and had four young kids when my house was for sale. It was insane! Now though I have more "stuff" and in a couple of years we plan on selling - I can't even think about how long it will take me to prepare. I should probably start just about now.