Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time to Get Back to Work

The house still hasn't sold. It seems that everybody who is interested in buying our house can't qualify for financing. Oh well, at least we have a low house payment while we're still here. I'm also getting a more lax about cleaning. Dust bunnies are gathering in the corners and the toys are spending more time lying about. I've decided that it will all be okay and I need to get back to focusing my energy on the things I enjoy.
My art has definetly been on the back burner this summer and I have had a very hard time getting motivated. It's time for no more excuses! I've got to get back to work or I'll go crazy.
I started with a whole rainbow of fabric paper. I've also prequilted a bunch a fabric for painting and I'm painting some other fabric to quilt with metallic threads. I'm excited to have the raw materials to work with! Who knows what fun designs will appear in the next few months.
I'm also getting excited about ArtFiberFest at the end of next month. Four days away from the family doing art! I can't remember having so much time for myself. Plus it will be first classes I have ever taken. I feel like a kid dreaming about camp.


Barb said...

You are such an incredible inspiration! Those delicious, deep, lovely colors just helped me decide what to do with my weekend. I just love your work!

Vivien said...

The colors are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Natalya said...

gorgeous colors!