Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spinning Away the Stress

My daughter had her first BIG trip to the dentist last week, which involved a major cavity in her back molar. I've always found just entering a dentist office stressful, so it wasn't a fun experience for anyone. When we came home I let everyone watch Scooby-Doo for the afternoon and I spun up some yarn to try to relax.
I received some beautiful wool from Mountain Mist for Christmas. The colorway is "Meadow." It spun up quite quickly and I began knitting a scarf. I'm not a real big knitter. I enjoy the act and can do it quite fast, but I typically don't want to count stitches or worry about making something fit. So I usually make scarves. Soon I was out of yarn and only half way to the length I desired. The answer to my problem was hit the Internet. I found 4 oz more of the same top. I then had to fill up my shopping cart to get free shipping. So I ordered about 8 pounds of wool to experiment with. Let the dying begin!

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Genie said...

lovely colour and texture