Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink Explosion

I've been playing the fabrics that I created for my "Pink Refractions" quilt. I had a request from an Etsy customer for a pink treasure box since the red one sold before she could purchase it. The request inspired me to bring out the sewing machine (still my daughter's since mine is waiting for a part on backorder) and get to work. I've made several treasure boxes for the Indie Banditas Valentine's show on Bainbridge next month. I also made some small, individual chocolate sized boxes for gift giving. And I couldn't help making inchies. I've used them on a pile of cards and plan on making some little notebooks also.
I thought I would share my photo shoot set up. Typically I would try to take photos outside, but the weather has not cooperated. The days have been wet and dark. There hasn't even been enough light to charge the solar flashlight. Instead I set up a couple chairs drapped with a sheet on the dining room table. I used the chandelier and added a clip on light. With the six light bulbs I was able to have enough light for an in focus shot. I did need to do a little color correcting from the light bulbs, but I pretty happy with make shift set up.

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