Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time to Celebrate

Being the artist of the group I was put in charge of the invitations for one of my best friend's going away party. Their family will be heading off to Conneticut in September. We are all going to miss them very much. I'm hoping this will give me the excuse I need to hit the east coast and have some fun girl time!
For the invitations I went with a house on wheels. The joke around here is that people are going to think we are celebrating the purchase of a mobile home. Or perhaps we could all gather around to watch house movers move a 5 bedroom split level across country. I'm sure that would be quite entertaining.

Also on the agenda is my seven year old Princess Rosy's birthday. I'm a little behind on this one since her birthday was on July 4th, but whose going to complain about a party, even if it is a month late. Now I just need to figure out what to do with 14 princesses for two hours on Thursday. Wish me luck!


Bee said...

Very creative keepsake invitations!! As for 14 princesses.....good luck! I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time! I'll wish for you some recuperation time after the party! LOL

joven said...

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