Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Youthful Energy!

I am just about finished with the commission! I am so happy to be on the home stretch now that I just need to cut them to size and finish the edges. It has been a busy three and a half weeks. I probably was crazy to think that I could finish in such a short time, but I wanted to make everyone happy and I have other projects that I want to start on. I was moving along at a pretty good clip until I remembered how long hand work can take. Beading through thick layers of fabric paper is not an easy task.

Youthful Energy (or perhaps a different title since I haven't finalized everything) is the first in the series. I wanted to capture childhood and its carefree nature. I went with light, bright colors and silver thread. I tried to find large flat beads with a hole in the center, but had no luck. Instead, I added circles of hand dyed wool felt to give the beads a little more presence. I also thought the soft felt was fitting for childhood when life tends to be a little softer in nature. When I first stitched down the yarn strings I was a little worried, but after living with it for a week I'm liking the effect and the four quilts together are very fun.

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Bee said...

You have definitely captured "youthful energy"! I love the movement and the colors! You really have been busy!!