Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Big Brown Blue and Sage Reveal

Winter Tree Line
Yesterday was our latest reveal day over at Twelve by Twelve .  Surprisingly, I actually created two quilts for this challenge.  I was a bit stumped by the colors in the beginning and didn't have a lot of time to think about ideas.  The past month and a half has had my head reeling.  Luckily, when I sat down to work the ideas came.  I used the inspiration outside my window.  Winter Tree Line is the evergreens lining the hill behind our neighbors house.  I opted to ignore all the gray clouds and instead capture a sunny, blustery sky.  Spring Thaw is inspired by the old barn and long gone fields of crops of our little neighborhood. 

Make sure to head over to our group blog and check out all the other wonderful quilts.  Plus, we have a book release celebration and giveaway currently going on for the next twelve days.  Make sure to enter to win a free copy of our new book Twelve by Twelve, The International Art Quilt Challenge!

Spring Thaw

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