Friday, March 4, 2011

Pizza Planet Revisited

I have had this quilt roughly laid out since the last Twelve by Twelve challenge reveal in January.  I wanted to create more Pizza Planet quilts since I love the colors so much.  But then obligations came along and I just didn't have time.  This one sat, sandwiched between two canvases, under a pile of other work for a month and a half.  Finally this week, with most of my other projects off the to do list, I was able to come back to it.  I readjusted the layout and stitched down the circles with gold thread.  Now I am in the process of adding embellishments.  I can't get the phrase, "the coming of the chosen one demands celebration" out of my mind, so I think this one will include some text.  Plus I think some beading is in order.  Right now it looks flat to me.  I'm sure that is because everything I have made in the last month has had three dimensional elements.
Now to go see what I can find to spruce this baby up!

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