Friday, April 29, 2011


 Once again I'm ten steps behind.  So many things I want to do, need to do, choose to do and so many things not getting done.  I'm sure I could be a little more focused in the I choose to do.  I start to feel overwhelmed.  Instead of doing something productive to solve the problem, I take a break and play games on my iphone.  Add in three trips to school a day and checking to make sure the dog isn't getting into trouble outside every few minutes.  Plus, I've become very easily distracted.  I can't think straight when the kids around, constantly talking even if it just to themselves.  Sometimes I wonder if I just need to table the big dreams of being an artist for the time being.  I'm so frustrated with myself for not doing anything well, for letting all the plates crash to the ground.  I miss the early days of creating when I was happy with myself for the littlest things.  If I found a few minutes every few days I savored it, not letting a to do list weigh me down.  I want that feeling back.  I want to feel joy and my art to express it!


Anonymous said...

Nikki: I was admiring your artwork today; thinking how beautiful and inspiring. I get your feed into my home and it brings tremendous happiness and joy to me because of its beauty and freshness. I raised 3 children and an adult husband who was just as babied; I went back to college got two BS degrees, PH.D, and also had a career as a molecular biologist. Yes, it was like playing ping-pong with 12-balls on the table; but when you are gifted with talent--what is the option? You owe it to yourself to be an achiever; you do not need to try harder; just relax; if need be, redefine the to-do list, to allow your creativity to flow and to enjoy your family. God Bless. Good Luck on your Journey through life. Your Friend from Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

Carol said...

Your early days, and your today don't fully define you. They're just one small part of your decision to celebrate with exuberant joy. This storm will pass and your anchor will hold. And your art continues to testify because you released it. We here in Gig Harbor and FWay stand and let you know your are heard, received, and embraced.

Nikki said...

Thank you so much! I'm really needing a little encouragement these days.