Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bright Skies at Night

Once again, I've fallen behind.  You know the story -- family, commitments, gloomy days. Oh, and throw in tweaking my back and being down for a week.   At the very least, every day is a new day and I can start again on the right track.  Plus, the sun is at least peaking out from behind the clouds.  It may not have warmed up, but at least there is hope. The last month has been filled with kids on spring break, our latest reveal over at Twelve by Twelve and a spring craft show on Bainbridge. 

Our newest set of quilts at Twelve by Twelve are chartreuse and  very fun so make sure you pop over there to check them out.  My quilt didn't have any deep meaning, I just had fun playing with the color.

I, of course, forgot to take pictures at the Artist Marketplace last weekend.  This was the first year that the Bainbridge Artist Studio Tour did a spring show.  Instead of being spread out in studios all over the island, we were together in the middle school gym.  It was nice to have everybody together and have plenty of space.  One problem though was the lack of cell service inside the building.  Whenever I tried to do a credit card transaction I had to run outside.  I had low expectations of the show considering it was the first year and the weather has had everyone in a bit of a funk.  I didn't feel like heading out shopping, so I didn't really expect everyone else to be in the buying mood.  I sold some cards and 5 books, earning my a profit for the day.  I also made some great contacts.  I received an invitation for a solo show at the Bainbridge Library.  I'm all signed up for next April and very excited!  I met a woman who works for Jacquard, the company who makes a lot of the fabric paints that I use.  She was very interested in my work and the idea of me creating artwork for them.  Plus, I met another art quilter who is interested in forming an art quilt group.  Now, I just need to make sure I follow up on everything.  Truth be told, I have to sneak my computer time this week.  Our family is participating in "Turn off the TV" week and we're not suppose to even use the computer.  I'll call this part of my "job" so I wont get in trouble.

The quilt at the top is the latest in my circle series.  I'm loving the magenta, purple and orange together--so very bright and fun.  I've had the background painted for months, waiting.  I pulled out my collection of fabric paper circles and started playing with colors.  The orange was the perfect compliment for the darker colors.  I added shiny orange thread and this piece of art was born.

Next on the agenda, Easter this weekend and the EtsyRain Spring Craft show May 7th at the Intiman Theater in Seattle.


Diane said...

The new quilt has such a happy energy -- I love that about your whimsical circles and color choices! Hope your back is better-- I'm similarly tweaked and hobbling around like I'm ancient. Always a good feeling. :-/

Suztats said...

Wondeful, vibrant colours! Your new quilt makes me smile and think of blowing bubbles on a bright summer day!

Nikki said...

Thank you! I definetly need the happy colors around since spring is so slow coming to the NW.

I am feeling a lot better. I do pretty good if I keep moving around. Sitting on the couch or trying to sleep seem to be the worst. My mind is still 22, but my body definetly feels much, much older!