Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Houston -- What an Experience!

Twelve by Twelve exhibit from the red carpet

I am still trying to a handle on everyday life after spending four days in Houston at the International Quilt Festival with the Twelve by Twelve exhibit.  Thanks to the Del Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection all 288 quilts from the last four years of our project were on display.  It was truly amazing to see them all in person for the first time.  Plus, nine of the twelve of us were able to travel to the show.  Our remaining friends were there in spirit and as cardboard cutouts.

Brenda, Terri, Kirsty, Terri, Diane, Gerrie, Francoise, Karen, Deborah, Helen, Nikki, Kirstin
I couldn't believe the size of the quilt show.  Deborah measured the convention center on Google maps and it is 7/10 of a mile from one end to the other, a full 3 city blocks.  This small town girl has never been around so many beautiful quilts. Notice the golf cart in the middle of this picture -- that's how big the show was.

Entrance to the exhibit with the Orange Colorplay mosaic

I was bit overwhelmed  spent most of mine time in our exhibit.  It was a perfect home in the middle of everything.  Plus I felt like a rock star signing autographs and loved talking to people about how much fun the whole experience has been.  We had people taking our pictures.  Several times I had a hard time writing my name because of the bright spots in front of my eyes. 

Book signing

I loved how people would look at the mosaics, traveling from one to the next.  When the figured out that each mosaic had a theme or that the same artist did the quilt in the same place of each mosaic they would gain a whole new appreciation and would have to start over at the beginning.  I can't tell you how gratifying it was to have so many people tell us how wonderful the exhibit was.  Quite a few even said it was the best part of the whole show.  Even better than that though, was for so many people to realize that they can do the same thing.  We're not superstar quilters that are better than everyone else.  We're just twelve women who came together for inspiration and fun.  So many people went home with plans to start their own challenge groups.   

The paparazzi

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