Monday, November 14, 2011


I have been so busy with costumes, travel, birthdays and preparation I've neglected to mention by biggest project.  Alma Stoller invited me to be part of an amazing new project, STITCHED.  Twenty  fabric artists are creating twenty new online video workshops.  With your paid subscription you can have access to all the workshops and the STITCHED website, including PDFs, 5 mini tutorials by Alma and lots of bonus information. 

My workshop is Mini Treasure Box of Dreams.  I'm excited to share all my quirky, not traditional methods of quilting and create a project that is special to my heart.  My little digital camera died on a hiking trip this summer.  I used this project as an excuse to buy a new Nikon digital SLR.  As I wait for it to arrive I'm working on samples, photos and all the step outs so ready to start shooting when my new camera arrives. 

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looking forward to your workshop!