Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Backwards Approach to Quilting

I finished two quilts using the materials I prepared last week. I'm really enjoying this new approach to quilting. First I quilted the fabric. Then I hand painted the pieces. I then cut them up and pieced them together using a zigzag stich. I also included fabric paper that I made in coordinating colors. I love the texture and bright colors in these works. They are also very interesting hanging in a window. The back lighting shows off the pieces of torn scrapbook paper in the fabric paper.
I am working on a title for the square quilt. I made it for the Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit at the American Sewing Expo. The theme is "Connections." I used the paper and fabric and bright colors to express that although we tend to focus on people's differences, we are all connected in a patchwork and made one family. This is an expansion on small quilt I previously posted. Now I just need a good title and to mail it off. This will be the first quilt that I have exhibited at a major venue. My first public veiwing will be at our county fair that is coming up in a couple of weeks.
This other quilt also needs a name. I made if from small bits of the quilted fabric and fabric paper randomly sewn together. This photo is of it hanging in the window with the sun shining through. I placed it in a frame I had around the house and I love the way it looks -- very professional. Now I am just waiting for my husband to hang it in our bedroom over the computer. I'm sure the bright colors are going to be necessary once the rainy season begins again. Some day I am going to have to start selling my work or get a bigger house because we are running out of wall space.


Vicki W said...

Beautiful! I love all of them!

Susan said...

Good luck for the exhibitions. It is always an experience to see others admiring your work. It is great to see the work in another setting too! Congratulations!

Carla B said...

Very inspiring and cool! Thanks for sharing your work!