Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Keepsakes for My Kids

I made inchie collages for each of my kids as a way to celebrate and remember each of them at this stage in their lives. I had fun picking out colors, buttons and charms that reminded me of each of them. I was a little limited by the supplies that I had on hand. I would really like to hunt for special little things as we are out and about. I can always make more as they grow. My oldest daught is Isabelle Grace. She loves dinosaurs, catching buterflies and dragonflies, and prefers to swim like a fish under the water. My second daughter is Annaliese Faith. She is a princess who is into fairies, flowers and collecting bugs also. She loves anything pink, purple or pretty. My third daughter is Rosaliegh Hope. Her favorite color is Green. She also like to collects butterflies, but she isn't as good at catching them. She often pretends she is a dog or cat, even to point of wanting to build a dog house and sleep outside. Our youngest is Emitt Isaac. He loves cars, tractors, rocks, building things, and giving big, sloppy kisses. His middle name means Laughter so I added the word laugh a couple times. The kids love looking at them and discovering the things I have added. Someday I will let them hang in thier rooms, but for now I have them in the hallway art gallery so I can keep a better eye on them.


Susan said...

Not only are these beautiful works of art and precious keepsakes but they are for children with absolutely beautiful, meaningful names!

marion said...

What a wonderful idea. These are lovely, future heirlooms.

Carla B said...

beautiful works of art for your children!! How wonderful!