Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Making of Leaves

I used the sunshine yesterday as an excuse to make some fabric paper and paint fabric. Being able to dry things outside always makes life easier around here. I needed more green fabric paper for my QuiltArt Flower Power challenge quilt. I, for once, thought to take pictures of the process to demonstrate here. I first learned about this technique in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and Beryl Taylor's book Mixed Media Explorations.
I first started with white muslin. I coated it with watered down white glue and added scrapbook paper. I thought the clocks would add a fun background layer.
I then added more glue and tissue paper.
Then came the paint. I used several colors of green and teal. I watered down the paint quite a bit so that it would flow across the tissue paper. I work on a piece of plexiglass so that I can tilt the paper, causing the paint to run. The final product is always a surprise.
Here's a little teaser of the leaves that I created.


Karoda said...

I've wondered about the combination of paper and fabric in this way...your explanation makes it sound sew simple...I hope I remember to try this when I start back piddling next week.

Carol said...

What a wonderful technique and not one I have tried. I must have a go.

Susan said...

I think this will be my experiment for the coming weekend....since I used your other ideas last weekend! I can hardly wait. Thanks for sharing!

jenclair said...

What a pleasant visit! Thanks for some smiles and inspiration...