Monday, September 17, 2007

Look for Me at the Art-O-Mat

I keep forgetting to mention where my little works of art can be found. Look for my "Dreams" in the Art-O-Mat machines at: City Visitor's Bureau in Winston-Salem, NC Erie Art Museum in PA Contemporary Museum Shop in Honolulu, HI Amarillo Art Museum in TX. I would love any feed back from those who have visited an Art-O-Mat machine.


Anna said...

These works of art are just beautiful - wish there was an Art-o-Mat here in the UK - I'd get these straight away!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy Rys said...

These are wonderful pieces. I've read about the Art-O-Mat Machines, but have never seen one in person. How did you get involved with this? Are they ATC size (2-1/2 x 3-1/2)?

Susie Wheeler said...

Hi Nikki! My daughter and I found the art-o-mat in Amarillo. It is so much fun trying to choose which lever to pull. I picked Nikki Wheeler because I'm a Wheeler. I love the little art and I'm keeping it by my laptop. I love the scrolls! Dream on!