Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrate Exuberant Joy!

You may have noticed my new banner and tag line. I have been thinking a lot about my art and goals. Why do I create? Why do I want to share my work with the world? How does my art benefit myself? Other people? Often the questions just seem to big, but occasionally I have time to sit quietly and actually think. And then the flash comes -- I want to embrace joy. I want to laugh at the imperfections. I want to dance in the kitchen. I want to be proud of simple accomplishments. I want to celebrate the details. I want to make the choice to be happy and inspire others to do the same.
So how does that translate into my art. Color! Texture! Imperfection! I'm striving to explore different color combinations. Orange has been my latest challenge. I'm finding that I love it in so many different combinations -- with hot pink or purple and green. It has such a voice that I've just categorically dismissed in the past. I want to turn off those thought that say "I don't like that" and open my eyes to the possibilities. And I don't want color to be flat. I want layers and depth. The trees are never just one shade of green or the sea simply blue. The colors dance and sing when you look closely. Texture is everywhere. From the soft polar fleece of my sweatshirt to the sleek computer, from the cold metal knobs of my desk to my warm socks. I am surrounded by so many little, unnoticed details. Give them life and showcase them. And of course imperfection. I know how perfection can immobilize me. I have always struggled with not wanting to try something I' not already good at. I'm letting go of the attitude of "if you can't do it right, don't do it at all" and allowing myself the opportunity to fail.
Okay, I admit that this all sounds a little high and mighty. I know that I will sometimes fall back into my ruts, I wont always step out and do the things I'm afraid of, I'll get caught up in the negative. But that's okay too. Just get back up and try again! And if I forget, I'm counting on you to remind me.

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Bee said...

You have been very successful because your work is JOYFUL!! I love the bright colors, the circles and your beautiful quilting! It definitely lifts my spirits to see your work.