Thursday, October 7, 2010

Riot of Color

Yesterday's task--dye felt and paint paper. And boy did I have fun with it! In the morning, I took over the kitchen with felt, kool-aid, food color and vinegar. I had five different pans going at the same time and create 29 different 12"x32" strips of colored felt. When stacked up, they are nearly a foot thick. From the edges you can't see all the color combinations. They range from blue, green and purple to pink and orange. Now I just need to do some pieces with the entire rainbow and I'm set for a while. These will be cut into 12" x 12" pieces for the season's craft show and the those still around in December will go into my etsy shop. Plus, I will have a whole selection of 8"x12" pieces left over for my own use. I can't wait to experiment with them. After picking my son up from kindergarten, I broke out the paints. Now I have a rainbow of painted watercolor paper to use for gift tags. I have most of the inchies made, so I just need to put them together before next weekend. Next on the to do list is fabric paper. First on the list is shades of black and purple. I'm hoping to make a few Halloween pieces before the Etsy Rain show next weekend at the Seattle Center. Hopefully my schedule wont turn too crazy because I'm really excited to work on them. Off to make the raw materials.

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Kris said...

Ohmygosh I just love the colors!