Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stages of Life -- Further Progress

An Ant's Eye View

Once again I'm working away. Currently by big dilemma is what to do with the circles on my Youthful Energy piece. These are two options using ribbon. For one I used the same blue, organza ribbon. The other, I used a variety of ribbons. I'm just not sure. I guess that means keep working until the perfect solution appears. I think next I will try something a little looser than the ribbon, perhaps yarn. And then there is the question of embellishments. Do I add them? If so, what? Here I'm trying out some washers. I've also thought about beads. I think I might try those on my sample fabric since it is really hard to get a good feeling unless they are stitched down.

I added some star washers to my Busy, Busy, Busy. I think they add the perfect extra fun little element. Now I just need to work on the layout of the circles.

I added a little extra color to my Weathering Life's Storms quilt. The background need a little something to balance out all that black. The difference is subtle and hard to see with the different photographs. I wish I could take everything outside to use the bright foggy sunlight, but the boards wont fit through the doorway and I don't want everything falling everywhere.

I really like how my last quilt is shaping up. I don't have a name (and all others are subject to change) but it has something to do with glory and redemption and overcoming. I am planning on adding beading around the circles to really make them pop.

Any finally, my crazy crowded art room. Even my husband admitted last night that I need a bigger space.


Gerrie said...

These are so rich in color. I love the way the circles dance across each piece. You go, girl!!

Nikki said...

Thanks Gerrie. I'm having fun. Plus the job means that I can go to Houston!

Gina said...

These are looking great!

I know how that space problem feels. I miss basements! (I never thought I'd say that when I had them.)

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