Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stitching and Circles

The past week I have been busy quilting away on four pieces for a commission due at the end of the month. Each piece will be 24"x30" but I of course went big to begin with. I figure it is much easier to cut it small than start over if for some reason it ended up to small. The 30"x44" pieces took a lot of quilting -- several hours each. My eyes would water and my nose would start to run from the vibration. I really should have worn ear protection since my Juki is quite loud, but of course I skipped searching for it in the garage. My method was to look around after every bobbin and take a break after every two. It took my five days, but I finally finished yesterday morning.

After quilting was paint time. I bought a big piece of plexiglass so I would have an easy to clean surface and I could move the wet quilt without getting paint everywhere. I really don't have anywhere to lay out big pieces to dry. I was only able to do one a day because of the drying issue. After breakfast was cleaned up, I would paint at the dining room table. Then I moved the quilt covered plexiglass to my bathroom, laying it over the bathtub. At night after everyone was in bed I hung the mostly dry quilt from a line in the living room. By morning it was dry and I could move on to the next. The last quilt is currently hanging out in my bathroom. Only problem is that I still need to take a shower, so I might need to find another safe surface.

While the paint is drying I have been cutting out a rainbow of fabric paper circles. Hours and hours of circles. I now have hundreds so I'm ready to start designing. I have a feeling I need to make some more fabric paper though. I'm missing a bright yellow and a dark blue and red. I also need some light, youthful shades.


susan said...

I'm really looking forward to hear your continued progress on your commission! Congrats! Is fabric paper something you make? This project sounds very intriguing! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Nikki said...

Thanks Susan! Yes, fabric paper is something I make. I use a muslin base and add various decorative papers, tissue and paint to create a rich textured surface that can be sewn. The commission is fun and challenging at the same time. It is stretching me, which is a good thing.

Paul Smith said...

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