Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love is in the Air

I always hate when holidays come way before thier time. Christmas shouldn't be in the stores in September and Saint Patrick's Day shouldn't arrive the day after Christmas. I guess I am a last minute shopper. Last July we went looking for flags and decorations for our boat on July 3rd. Nothing!!!! Instead it was "Back to School." It really drives me crazy. I would much prefer to live in the momment and be surrounded by the current season. But then I openned an Etsy shop. However much I hate it, online shopping takes a little planning ahead. I learned this the hard when when I bought a birthday present for my husband on ebay. The auction closed December 10th. I thought for sure I would have it before his birthday on the 22nd. Nope! Well, in time for Christmas -- nope. It didn't arrive until January 4th. I wont do that again. Thankfully my husband is an understanding man and it was only a small part of his gift. If it had been something big for one of the kids I would have been in trouble. Lesson learned -- try to be a little ahead of the game.
So bring on Valentine's Day. I guess it really isn't that early at a little less than four weeks, but early enough for me. These are a few cards I made last year but never added to the shop. I love the idea of giving original art. The card doesn't need to be filed away in a box, or worse. One can keep it out as a reminder of love. It always makes my heart sing when I see the first Art Valentine I made for my husband five years ago still sitting proudly on his desk. I know that he appreciates me and is reminded daily of my love.

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