Monday, July 30, 2007

A Child's Garden

My Children inspired these postcards. These days my garden more often than not looks a little attacked. The kids do love to bring me flowers and play wedding. I've learned to relax a little and enjoy the flowers for the few minutes they are intact. When the kids are older I'll have plenty of time for flower gardens.


Susan said...

Hi! Over the weekend my younger son Alex and I started checking in on Maddie. Alex, who is now sixteen years old, is too "cool" for anything serious. He tries to say that he's an atheist...just to upset me...but I require a prayer before meals or no food...and I think even Alex was praying for Maddie to pee.

Later, Alex told Mathias, my elder son, about Maddie and now he is also praying for her....Mathias is religious...recites the rosary as a preparation for international ballet competitions, etc. Well, Mathias finally got me to show him Maddie's photos...and even my husband Steve is now praying.

Steve and I remember all too well the anxious feelings when Mathias was six months old and undergoing skull surgery. Trying to pray..."Your will be done". It's really hard...only a miracle will do!

Anyway, we all think your Inchies are inspiring and are glad that your sewing machine is a re-establishment of normalcy...and that the new work you are producing is the life we envision for Maddie and her entire family. Please forgive the typing errors...I'm using the old laptop as Alex is on the "regular computer" reading along with a CD playing his required summer literature....the rest of us are done with Harry Potter.
Okay, we are currently checking into your blog for access to Maddie...but I have a feeling you won't mind!

SuZ said...

Nikki-these little art pieces are just wonderful ! you have captured the moment in time just right...and you have the perfect attitude about where you are in life..good for you!!! oh, and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog..appreciate it very much...

Judy Rys said...

Love the flower garden pieces. It brings back great memories with my kids. I'm very impressed that you get so much art made; I found it difficult with three kids.