Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Last weekend I managed to find a stretch of time to play with some fabric that I had quilted and painted earlier in the week. I was suppose to be working on my Chocolate challenge piece, but this rainbow of colors was calling to me. I just needed something fun and colorful to fill the day. The attempt to add order to the chaos of the stitching and colors is a reflection of life around our house. Somehow I keep thinking that I can push all that energy into some organized direction. I know, I know, it's never going to work, but please don't take away my hope. .
The piece is 16" x 16". I painted the fabric with the whole rainbow of colors, but it definetly reads as a triatic color scheme -- blue green, red violet, and yellow orange. I'm planning on adding a small black border when I have the opportunity to pull the sewing machine back out.
I happy to have some color to add to the wall now that the Christmas decorations are put away. A reminder that summer is coming during our wet winter days. (Though I can't complain today since we woke up to three inches of snow!!! Enjoy it while you can and ignore the rain that is coming down on top of it.)


Susan said...

My prayers are with you all today.

Anna said...

I've tagged you for make my day award ( hope you dont mind) - you have always inspired me and made my day!!

Dianne said...

The fabric in this quilt is beautiful. Your quilts are just gorgeous - full of glorious, happy colours.

Judy said...

I love this piece! You were brave to use black stitching and you did it beautifully! It really sets off the gorgeous colors!!