Monday, January 28, 2008

A Little Stress Free Fun

I keep coming back to these little 3" x 2" art-o-mat quilts on those evenings when I'm feeling spent from the day's work and need a some creative fun to renew my energy. I made these from the scraps of fabric left from my last couple of projects. I have so much fun simply sewing together the little bits and pieces and not worring to much about the design details. If something isn't working I just cut it up and sew it back together in a different way. No demands, No pressure. Some things in life just don't have to be made hard.


Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Nikki!
These are just so wonderful. I hope your ears were itching on Saturday afternoon. I was in my studio talking to an former employee named Katie. She worked for Mouse House from the time she finished high school...through five or six years of college (She's brilliant...couldn't quite decide which major to finish)...and until medical school demanded her full-time. She's a physician's assistant in Boone, NC and will be looking for the Art-o-Mat at the Turchin Center where I think your pieces are sold! We were both quite excited because Columbia almost had one of these machines years ago. We both feel like we "almost know" a celebrity who makes incredible art available in such a fun and exciting place. See...I told you that you had far-reaching, every influential powers!

Oops, I'm posting with the CYBER FYBER account...but this isn't a secret to you...spread the word on Postcards and ATC officially begins then!

StegArt said...

These are fun and colorful. I can see that it would be relaxing and yet rewarding to do these as they are small and you feel like you are accomplishing something.

momma helen said...

Ooh! What a great idea. I've been unable to toss those little ribbons of fabric I've trimmed. Now I've got an example of a new way to play!

Woodie Anderson said...

These are wonderful and they look like they must be a lot of fun to create. Thanks for participating in the artomat!