Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Couple More Steps Forward

I've taken a few more steps on my Wildly Embellished Cross. First I added sequins to the cross. I'm not really sure about them. I like the smaller dark blue sequins, but the larger irridenscent white sequins are a little bright. I sewed them down and wasn't really going to pull them out. I figures that I will keep adding embellishments and hopefully that will tone them down. I also added the buttons around the border, another thing I'm not so sure about. Once again, I think more will help.
My next step was to start adding fibers to the cross. It now has a nice soft feeling. I used fufts of three different yarns and little bows of another. Next I'm planning on adding wire spirals and searching among my stash for anything else to add to the cross. Then I will work on the border.


Susan said...

Hi Nikki!
Your children are beautiful. You are quite brave to be entering the world of "functional" work by making skirts...but, I'm not a bit surprised at how nicely they all look. Beware of that cape, however. I've never made anything useful since that same Home Ec class (it was in the seventies and it was called Home Ec!) but I did make many Halloween outfits...including a particular Batman with a cape. Mathias wore it until his torso could not longer stretch the very, very stretchy material...and he's still wearing tights...ballet tights....and sometimes the costume includes Renaissance styled capes! Definitely, beware of cape....they think they can fly and everything!
Thanks for bring a smile to my day!

Anonymous said...
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Karoda said...

what a really nice piece.