Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Purple Paper Quilts

I finished useing almost all of my purple fabric paper. I made six different 12" x 12" paper quilts from the four pieces of fabric paper. These were so much fun to do and I really love the depth of color and texture in the fabric paper.
The first quilt I created was squares of fabric paper embellished with a wide variety of purples. The embellishments include yarns, fibers, paper, buttons, brads, beads, wire, and ribbon. I love the variety within one color scheme. I finished the edges with two different eyelash yarns.
I learned after the third quilt that #2, the circles, was not my husband's favorite. When I first showed it to him, he of course said it was nice. But then when I showed him the next, he told me how he liked it much more than this one. Oh well, you can't win them all. For this quilt, I sewed circles onto painted watercolor paper. I didn't use the fabric paper for the background and I think that might have been part of the problem. Even with multiple layers of watercolor paint, the paper just looks flat. To add some fun, I added buttons onto each of the larger circles and small brads on the smaller circles. I then added the fabric paper border. I didn't leave quite enough room to sew it on securely, so I used some purple duct tape on the back to reinforce it. Hope my daughter doesn't mind that I stole it out of her craft drawer while she was sleeping. The edges I finished with copper tape.
Quilt #3 is a variation of a sixteen patch. I used quilted a section of each of the fabric papers and sewed sixteen one inch squares together. I used copper thread and copper tape to really bring out the purple.
This is one of my favorites. I created squares from two triangles. Then I appliqued three squares on top, wrapping some of the squares in copper tape. I just love how the colors sing!

For quilt #5, I followed the pattern I have used for several other fabric quilts I have made. I cut strips of quilted fabric paper, sewed them together with a zigzag and then cut them on the diagonal to make squares. I then arranged them in a diamond pattern. I used different threads when quilting to help accentuate the pattern. Once again I bound it with copper tape.

My final quilt I created from all the scraps that were left over. I do still have some small pieces, so I might be able to make some mini quilts or postcards.


StegArt said...

They're all wonderful Nikki. But I'd have to pick #2 and #4 as my faves.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

So beautiful! I LOVE your color scheme, too! I want to go backto so many of these blogs I've found through OWOH! I have four little ones, too! Don't they keep us busy? heehee How DO we manage to craft (happy moms = happy family)! =)

You WON my 3rd prize giveaway of my collage cherub gift tags! Please comment on my blog with your email so I can get in touch with you (my comments are moderated, so I won't publish it). Happy Valentine's Day!

lee said...

I like seeing the series of experiments in purples all lined up like that.

ANNA said...

What wonderful quilts - these are such lovely colours

Vivien said...

These all are great; however, as someone who's going through an "I love circles" phase, I'd have to pick #2 as my favorite. Apologies to your husband.

Tomme said...

#1, #1, I want it! I want it! (smile)

Scrappy Cat said...

I absolutely love all these quilts, but the first one is definitely my favorite! Beautiful!!! And it doesn't hurt that purple is my favorite color. [vbg]