Friday, February 1, 2008

Chocolate Desire

February 1st and the grand reveal are upon us. I'm free to share my chocolate quilt. The 12 by 12 challenge group is definetly challenging me! If I said I wasn't a yellow girl for the dandelion challenge, that was nothing compared to me not being a brown girl. I doubt you could find a single peice of brown fabric in my house. And capturing the whole sense of choloclate. What a big word full of emotions and sensations. The feeling of a truffle melting in your mouth during a brief escape from the crazy world was my main inspiration.

As I said, I don't have a scrap of brown so I brought out the paints. I quilted the swirls, then painted three different pieces. The light and milk chocolates are brown on white and the dark is brown on black. I then pieced the various squares and fit them all together. I did have to buy brown thread for the sewing.

I now have scraps of brown left over. What to do with them. Maybe brown and hot pink for Valentines Day.


TracyB said...

Very nice!! (I'm a swirl girl)I do not work very much in browns, although I did do a baby quilt for a mom who likes sages & browns & I have to admit I really liked how the colors turned out (however, I haven't done anything else brown as of yet).

hippopip said...

Congratulations on the cyber fiber invite you deserve it and the chocolate quilt is truly scrumptious

Cyber Fyber said...

I'm suppose to be finalizing our trade on CYBER FYBER...but I can't help myself but to look at your recent work too! Seeing these images is EXACTLY why you are not "out of your league" and why you definitely belong in the invitational section of CYBER FYBER...Could you create a step-by-step board of fiber paper? Something 11" x 17 or 11" x 14". I'd frame it. It would serve as a "how to" example. Just an idea! The work is WONDERFUL!