Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3 Days Left to Enter

I realized that I didn't give any timeline for my 100th post giveaway. I will choose a winner this weekend and create something special for the lucky gal. There is still plenty of time to sign up! Just leave a comment on my 100th post telling me you favorite piece.


Susan said...

Hi Nikki!
It's been so totally wonderful to read your recent entries. The new work is absolutely stunning. I'm so glad that your changed your header...announcing to the world what many knew from the start...You are an artist! Congratulations on your 100's to the next 100!
PS I also thank you so very, very much for your prayers and notes of comfort. They mean the world to me. It's been 10 weeks since I saw Alex. It's hard...very your support is even more important. Oh, I might be in contact with you about a concept with which I'm working...still fermenting the idea, mulling it over, considering all the options!

playsindirt said...

Ewww...pick me...pick me! You changed your title, great! Because you really are an artist extraordinaire! I just wish we could get you away from your art long enough to play! Give me a call...miss you. SH

Jill Smith said...

Hi Nikki, l love your work and am just putting your blog on my new sidebar, blogger lost my other and lost all my posts but your blog is going back. Am doing a bit of spring cleaning with them and only putting ones that are my faves.