Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Treasure from Out of the Box

Last night I attended my third "Out of the Box" meeting. We are a group of artsy individuals who come together once a month to share a challenge piece that we have created over the last month. Okay, most people create them in the couple days before the meeting, but don't tell anyone. Last months challenge was to create a piece of art using a material in an uncustomary way. The original example given was a barbed wire bra, Ouch! I wanted to create an art quilt. Only problem was thinking of a material that I could quilt that hasn't already been done. I settled on bandaids and a couple gauze pads. I did cheat and use painted felt and cotton fabric for the back. I didn't have big enough bandaids and was babysitting my neice and nephew. We couldn't have gone to the store if I had wanted to since I didn't have room for all the kids in the van. The bandaids took the acrylic paint wonderfully and were easy to quilt. The stuck right were I put them. The gauze pads were a little trickier because they didn't like to release from the bandaids when I made a mistake. The project was fun to play with materials in a silly way. I'm a little nervous about next month's project. We have to create our creative self portrait.


Fran├žoise said...

Great piece!
Looking forward to seeing your self portrait.

Ulla said...

This is nice! Seeing familiar items in a new use really opens your eyes!

Clevelandgirlie said...

You are really fortunate to have such a tight knit community of artists to work with and learn from.