Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Multitasking Kind of Day

Multitasking has never really been my thing, but that is going to have to change.  I've been wanting to dye more wool felt and even have had two requests for custom colors this week.  Tomorrow was going to be the day, until my friend surprised me with the news that 300 lbs of tomatoes are on the way from Eastern Washington and we're having a big salsa and pasta sauce canning party.  Luckily I got a bonus 1-1/2 hours today because of a scheduling mix up and "Books and Breakfast" at the kids school was an hour earlier than the parent volunteers were told.  Whoops! (The teachers did fine without us and the kids had a great time.)  So following with my no excuses theme, I used the time to do a little dying, plus make two batches of focaccia bread for the potluck tonight.  I'm feeling pretty good about now.

And no, the kitchen floor has not been washed.  In fact it's a bit worse--oh well.  And I'm adding to the secret plot for a slight kitchen remodel. Or maybe it's better to live with the stained countertops and not worry about ruining anything nice.

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