Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maverick Days

I've been rather stuck with my Maverick quilt for the next Twelve by Twelve challenge.  I still don't have a very good idea and reveal day is less than a week away.  I finally decided that idea or no idea it was time to get to work.  At this point I have the makings of a quilt that I like, but I wouldn't exactly say it screams "Maverick."  Above are some of the trimmings collecting in a pile as I work.  I'm enjoying using my favorite colors and have an idea for embellishment.  We'll see if anyone thinks ii fits the theme, but then again maybe that in itself will make it maverick.  I will be the lone dissenter calling it so.

And in my continued effort at full disclosure, the pile I had to move off my sewing desk (onto my bed) so I could actually use my machine.

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ms lottie said...

Carry on with your full disclosure - nice to see some 'real'! And it makes me feel so much better that there is someone else like me. And I only have two kids to contend with ;)