Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Super Mom

I love all the beautifully styled images on the internet and in magazines, but I have to admit that often they leave me feeling bad about myself.  My blog doesn't look like that.  My studio doesn't look like that.  My life doesn't look like that! My computer desk is cluttered.  No matter how much I try, I end up with a pile of papers, receipts and art supplies (not to mention the hair products for doing my daughter's hair in curlers last night or the cases of DVDs the kids left sitting on the couch) congregating around my computer. The next basket of laundry finds its way to the window seat as soon as the previous stacks are put away.  And only occasionally do I clean my own room (so I don't feel like such a hypocrite when getting on my kids cases about cleaning their room).  I especially loved this little pile sitting on the floor near my desk, completely unstyled--although I did snap another picture when I saw the addition of the tiny spider crawling through the scene.

I'm not sure who cut out the SUPER MOM snippet, but it wasn't me.  So in an effort to be authentic and honest, I had to share with you the real me.  As I fumble through, I'm trying not to let all those perfect images make me feel less about myself.  When it come down to it, I know in my heart more people are like me than those pictures--that real life is hiding just outside the camera frame.

And all is not lost.  I do have so much beauty all around me.  I just need to narrow my focus and block out the clutter.  I love that all three of these photos were taken sitting in the same place.  I just need to turn my gaze slightly up and to the left and I have this pile of beautifully dyed felt.  The colors are rich, the texture is soft and I can just wrap myself in its warmth.


Kristin L said...

A blog I read a few years ago said that bloggers have cameras with special "liar lenses." It's how they get that perfectly styled life. Widen the viewfinder just a bit and you'll see all the real life going on just outside of blog sight. Your felt picture is a good use of the liar lens. Listen to your heart because we all have unsightly piles on the floor (though mine never says Super Mom -- I want a pile that says Super Mom).

Silvia Dell'Aere said...

I feel exactly the way you feel and I act exactly like you. cluttered desk, messy room, loundry pile and so on.