Monday, May 21, 2007

A Love for Books

Our family has a passion for books. I can't even count how many we have. I know just the kids have hundreds. With so many books around I thought I would take a stab at bookbinding. Here's a look at several of the blank journals that I have made. My Trinity Journal is made from paper painted, distressed with Walnut ink and rubbed with gold wax. The hearts are fabric sewn with gold thread and beaded. The Cross was a find from my birthday shopping trip. I added the blue tassel bookmark in honor of a bible study and Numbers 15:38. The blue and orange journals were made from hand painted fabric overlayed with painted dryer sheets. The orange journal was a lesson in color theory when I started with red fabric and added a gold dryer sheet. Even my kids could have told me that red and yellow make orange. I added a fabric postcard that I made and beaded the edges. My daughter is now asking when she will get a journal with beads like mommy's.

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