Monday, July 9, 2007

Art-O-Mat Adventure

I'm embarquing on my first adventure in selling my art. Today I sent off a box with 50 little boxes filled with my "Dreams" series to Artists in Cellophane. They sell 2"x3" pieces of art from old cigarette machines. These machines are located in stores, museums, and colleges through the country. For a $5 token someone can purchase a little piece of art in the same way as a candy bar or soda. The program isn't really a money maker for the artist, but is a fun way to step into selling. I'm more interested in sharing my work than the money anyways, so I don't mind the salary of $2 per hour. It seems that money is only an issue when I worry about and I would prefer that my art is about joy. My only hope is someday I will be able to pay for my addiction to supply shopping.

I'm very excited to find out where my little works end up. I will share the location of the machine when I find out, but that most likely will be months away. A lesson in patience. Hopefully those who buy them will find as much joy in them as I have had in creating them.


Susan said...

I've heard about these machines! I can't wait to hear more...from someone that has actually participated in the program and might know where one of the machines are located! I'll look forward to your news!

Elin said...

Hey Nikki. Thanks for your comment about art*o*mat on my blog. It's a very cool project - I'm glad you got involved! I'll keep a lookout for your pieces whenever I see an art*o*mat machine.

Grace & Peter said...

Hi, Nikki,
We were in Honolulu last week at the Contemporary Art Museum and were lucky enough to pull one of your pieces from the Art-O-Mat machine there. We are very happy with "Dreams" -- lovely green dream scrolls. Many thanks!

Peter said...


Hi, Nikki,
Just a quick message to say thank you for your art work, "Growing Dreams". I really love the fact that you put a pastel decoration on the outside of the box--a really sweet touch.