Monday, July 9, 2007

Fireworks Snapshots

I attempted to take picture of the fireworks display at my grandmother's house. She lives on the beach directly across the Puget Sound from Seattle. People light fireworks off all up and down the beach and we also have a perfect view of the two public displays in Seattle. I love how the camera is able to catch the trajectory of the flying sparks. I pictures were often shakey, especially considering I was holding a scared two year old on my lap. I think there must be some kind of quilt or mixed media piece in these pictures. I'll have to pull out my supplies and experiment.

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Susan said...

You've got an adorable family. Your firework pictures are great. One would be a hit here in South Carolina as it looks quite like a palmetto tree...our state's tree...on our flag...on our airport's carpet...on reproduction artwork sold in every gift shop...etc.