Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Prayers for Maddie Lester

This is a collage I made for my best friend's 3 year old daughter, Madeline. She was born with only half a heart. The first year of her life was pretty rough, including a helicopter ride to the hospital at 3 days old and then a life fight plane ride down to Palo Alto the next week. She had two surgeries at Stanford University within the first few months at of her life with most of her time spent in ICU. Needless to say, she maxed out her lifetime health insurance benefits before her first birthday. After that very scary first year she has been doing wonderful for the last two. She has finally grown and become strong enough for her third surgery which should provide her body with enough oxygen until she is at least a teenager. That surgery is happening as I write. Today is a day of prayer and faith (okay, and a lot of anxious waiting)for many of us who love this little girl.
I made this collage to show Maddie and her mom, Cindy how much I love them. It is filled with little hearts and prayers that God will work a miracle and everything will go smoothly with this surgery. If you are interested you can check her progress at http://www.madelinelester.com/. Thank you for any prayers said on her behalf.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki,
A friend of mine has a son that also has half a heart. He is now 8 years old. He has had several surgeries and now lives a pretty normal life. He will be in second grade this fall. I hope and pray that Maddies surgery will be successful. Jacq

Susan said...

When my eldest was six months old he required skull surgery. Though not as life threatening as little Maddie's situation, I remember well the anxious time waiting, the prayers, and how nearly impossible it is to honestly say "Thy Will Be Done"....unless that Will is the miracle I, too, am praying for Maddie.
PS The inches are just gorgeous!

Ellen Guerrant said...

Hi Nikki -
Reading about little Maddie brought back so many memories. Our son was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy when he was 13, and underwent a heart trans- plant just 47 days later. He's had ups and downs, but just turned 28! Have faith. I will pray for Maddie to have a full recovery. "Wait on the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Ellen from G32 exchange.