Monday, July 16, 2007

Inchie Collages

I made some more collages using one inch squares and a variety of embelishments. For the base fabrics, I began with a knitted square and used the needle felting machine to felt the fibers. I love that I can make fabric out of nontraditional felting fibers. I can turn all those fun yarns that I've collected into fabric that I can cut up. Some of the yarns, especially the cottons, aren't very strong. These collages are glued down to canvas, so I figured a little fraying on the edges only adds to the texture. I used various scrapbooking tiles and brads to write out words. They add a fun theme to each of the pieces. They are a little hard to read in the pictures. The light blue ones are "snooze" and "dream." The colors are so calm and refreshing they made me want to take a nap, especially with the hot weather we've had. The red collage is "LOVE." The green collage is "grow." I had some little gardening embellishments and button flowers which added to the theme. The dark blue piece is "FLY." I think it would be fun to make one of these collages for each of my kids using buttons and charms that describe them and adding their name. A little piece of art about who they are at this time in their lives.

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Susan said...

Your photos are absolutely crystal clear on my computer screen. I'm really glad to see these tiny squares and how intricate each one is. I especially like the green one...such adorable charms. Please do your children's names...I'd love to see how to interpret each one beyond the letters...what colors you'd select too! Excellent pieces.